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The 18 Best Waterproof Jacket For Every Budget 2022


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The result is 18 of the best Waterproof Jackets for both Men, Women & Kids.

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As the weather starts to cool down and the rainy season is right around the corner, you might start wondering what jacket to invest in.

With so many options on the table, the decision is not that obvious.

The one criterion that will definitely help you narrow down the searching process is the waterproofing. Not only the option with this feature is durable in the long run, but it is also a versatile piece for every family member and occasion.

To save you time, we gathered a list of the best waterproof jackets available online and offline you can choose from. Your new purchase will come in handy whether you put it on when walking the dog or climbing the mountain.

These sturdy units will keep you dry, warm, and, most importantly, stress-free.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Jackets In 2022, Depending On Your Budget

See our quick top 10, or go further down and read our in-depth reviews.

Let’s go through some of the finest waterproof rain jackets we found and talk about how to choose the right fit and what features to look for.

The Best Waterproof Jackets to Purchase in 2022

After thorough research on jackets of all kinds, we divided them into three categories: men’s, women’s and kids’ jackets. Some of them will keep you warm longer, some are more breathable, and some are more lightweight. What’s the bottom line? They are all designed to protect you from unforeseen weather conditions like rain, snow, and wind. Our picks range from budget-friendly to splurge options, thus giving you the freedom to make a thought-out decision based on your own criteria.

Top 6 Waterproof Jackets for Men

The most affordable option out of the bunch, Columbia Watertight II Jacket does not only carry a reputable brand name but is also a popular choice among many. No wonder – this lightweight waterproof jacket comprises two layers and a mesh film. Not too shabby for an adult jacket of this price, right? Its level of comfort allows you to wear it on a rainy day while running errands and, if feeling spontaneous, on a hike in the mountains.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • 100% Polyester Lining
  • Waterproof Nylon Shell
  • Omni-Tech Coating for breathability and water-resistance
  • Packable in a small bag
  • Adjustable hood, cuffs and a hemline for that dry and warm feeling
  • Weight: 0.9 pounds
What we like:
  • Keeps you dry when it’s raining
  • Fits well when wearing a baseball cap
  • The mesh liner acts as a shield for the 2-layer construction, thus making the jacket extremely comfortable
  • Features pockets for that extra warmth
What we don’t like:
  • Its hood can get loose in windy weather and hinder the peripheral vision
  • Does not fit well when wearing a bike helmet
  • Does not have pit zips for extra protection when backpacking or hiking

The price/quality ratio of this jacket is unbeatable – you cannot go wrong with it if you are on a hunt for a simple yet functional rain jacket. Although it might not be the best choice for activities consuming a lot of energy or time, it is definitely suitable for yard work and everyday walks.

As the price goes up, the features multiply as well. This Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket can easily become an everyday staple in anyone’s wardrobe thanks to its versatility. Breathability? Check. Water and wind protection? Check. Greatest hood design on the market? Check. In addition, this jacket can be freely categorized as sustainable, which is another checkbox. Layer it and bring it with you when hiking or skiing and you will not be disappointed.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • 100% Recycled Nylon with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Finish
  • 2.5 Layer Waterproof & Breathable H2No Performance Standard
  • Hook-and-Loop Cuff Closures
  • Adjustable Drawcord Hem Seal
  • Handwarmer Pockets and Microfleece-lined neck for extra comfort and warmth
  • Weight: 0.84 pounds
What we like:
  • It is easily packable in backpacks and suitcases
  • The fit is even due to the drawcords at both sides
  • Back cinch of the hood is adjustable, thus making the jacket secure
  • Perfect for layering without looking bulky
What we don’t like:
  • The two center flaps covering the zipper can cause the fabric to get caught when zipping up the jacket
  • No exterior or interior chest pockets for storing phone and other valuables
  • Not the most durable jacket on the market

The clean design combined with a sound performance certainly make this waterproof jacket stand out in the crowd. Lightweight fabric and functional extra features add up to sufficient protection against heavy rains and powerful winds when embarking on another backpacking adventure. All in all, Patagonia is known for its exceptional design, and this jacket is living proof.

In times when the weather is questionable but the hike is agreed on, Black Diamond StormLine Jacket ought to be stored in your backpack. This lightweight, windproof and waterproof unit has a four-way stretch design along with underarm gussets that lets you climb and reach with no movement restrictions. And if the rain appears on the horizon, the built-in hood with space for a helmet will protect you from getting drenched.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • 2.5 Layer with BD.Dry membrane, 100% Nylon
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Coating
  • Adjustable hood, cuffs, and hem
  • Underarm gussets for restriction-free movement
  • Packable in a small bag
  • Weight: 0.71 pounds
What we like:
  • Lightweight and stretchy – mobility and comfort are at the highest level
  • The soft interior provides additional warmth
  • The hood is compatible with helmets of all profiles
  • Reasonably priced for the quality of fabric and amount of features
What we don’t like:
  • 2.5 Layer construction does not provide the best breathability
  • The fit might seem a little too boxy, thus not giving the optimal support

This jacket’s versatility is envied by its competitors for obvious reasons. It’s well-equipped for riding on a motorbike in Vietnam as much as walking a dog when it’s pouring. Besides, the BD.Dry material is proven to be durable too – dozens of washes do not change its performance abilities whatsoever. If you are still considering to invest in a multipurpose jacket, it might be a good idea to give this one by Black Diamond a try.

Rated by many as the best waterproof jacket on the market, Marmot Minimalist Jacket has got you covered. Ranging from superior material to the top-notch features like a thick hood and uncomplicated hem toggles, this jacket does not have many downsides. One simply cannot go wrong with investing in this piece and using it the heaviest storms. You get a premium quality piece of clothing that will last you a lifetime – what more is there to ask?

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Water-resistant Gore-Tex with Weight-Minimizing Paclite Technology
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Wind-blocking Hydrophobic Membrane
  • Zippered side pockets and a chest pocket for extra storage
  • Adjustable elastic hem, cuffs, and hood
  • Pit zips for an additional breathability
  • Weight: 0.94 pounds
What we like:
  • Extreme water resistance even in the heaviest rains and snows
  • Zippers on the jacket are also waterproof, thus keeping your valuables safe
  • Adjustable hood can be tightly cinched to protect the face from rough weather conditions
  • Angel-Wing technology allows to freely move without restrictions
What we don’t like:
  • Can be a little too roomy in the torso and arms areas
  • Washing and drying instructions might be complicated to follow

The Marmot waterproof jacket is an upgrade from every perspective. The price you pay is well worth it when taking into consideration the high-end fabric, practical details, and minimalistic design. Although the jacket is not perfect, it is surely a tough piece for the majority of the outdoor activities you could imagine. The brand’s lifetime warranty makes it even more appealing for purchase.

This multipurpose Outdoor Research Foray Rain Jacket could be a great addition to your waterproof wardrobe. Providing superior protection when skiing and hiking, it is breathable enough to let you enjoy your adventures for lengthy trips. A unique feature comprising two zips along the sides allows you to take a break from a long hike in the newly transformed poncho-style outerwear. Get your sporty spirit ready and conquer those high mountains with this mighty jacket!

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • 2-Layer GORE-TEX Palclite water-resistance for that packable attribute and breathable feel
  • TorsoFlo side zippers for extra ventilation
  • Dual-pull adjustable hood
  • Dual drawcord hem and adjustable cuffs
  • Hand pocket and a chest pocket for those valuables
  • High-low style for a good coverage
  • Weight: 0.96 pounds
What we like:
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating does not let you get drenched in the water
  • Easily packable in a small zipped bag
  • Extremely durable due to the 50-denier polyester material
  • The long back offers that much-needed extra coverage when skiing, for instance
What we don’t like:
  • The single drawcord at the bottom of the hood makes it troublesome to loosen the hood
  • Side zips add to the weight of the jacket
  • The fit might seem a little baggy

To sum it up, the jacket is a gold find for someone looking for a long-lasting piece with plenty of know-how elements. With that being said, if you are more old-school and are not ready to get acquainted with never-seen-before features like transformative zippers, feel free to skip it. Its characteristic of being nimble will definitely come in handy for those willing to go the extra mile to be on track with the latest innovations.

Scoring the highest in the rank of blocking the wind and withstanding harsh weather conditions, The North Face Apex Flex GTX 3.0 Jacket is by far the most expensive choice out there. The price, however, is well-justified – the soft interior combined with the professional exterior makes it the comfiest jacket on the market. Plenty of added features like a fully adjustable hood, pit zips, and Velcro cuffs put the jacket in the category of that perfect everyday rain jacket.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • 3-Layer GORE-TEX provides extra comfort
  • DWR finish against moisture
  • Adjustable hood and Velcro cuffs
  • Hybrid raglan sleeve design for a fitted look and motion-free feel
  • Secured with zip side pockets and a chest pocket in alpine style
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
What we like:
  • The exceptional water-resistance feature implies no weather limits
  • The substantial thickness of the jacket provides additional warmth
  • The well-rounded hood is easy to adjust when needed
  • Velcro cuffs allow controlling the fit around the wrist area
What we don’t like:
  • Not lightweight due to its hefty weight
  • Quite bulky and not easily packable
  • Not very affordable for an everyday rain jacket

Up there in price, this waterproof jacket is an investment one chooses to make when comfort is highly valued. Made from the softest fabrics, it is designed to fit every curve of your body and make your rainy day trip memorable. Besides, the adjustable elements make the jacket fast and easy to use on the go – exactly what is needed when the weather is on the nasty spectrum.

Recent years have seen the emergence of a category of lightweight, flexible rain shells and windbreakers. These specialty outer layers pack down to palm-sized bundles, and can reasonably be depended upon to block out light wind and rain while on the go.

The JWP Shell is a bit of a niche offering in this regard, straddling both fashion and technical markets, while really lessening the environmental impact of its production.

Though it shares aspects and qualities with an ultralight windbreaker, it’s reimagined for hopping between urban centers via rail rather than traversing ridgelines on climber’s trails. That’s not to say you should leave it at home for your next hike- impressively waterproof and notably packable, this shell can double as a tough, travelable trail tog in a pinch.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Low weight of 400g (14.1oz)
  • Adjustable hood
  • Two pockets with integrated stow pouch
  • Adjustable waist hem
  • Texacore Recycled Polyester
What we like:
  • Fully recycled materials in a weatherproof shell
  • Impressively waterproof and breathable
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Stretchy and completely recycled hardshell fabric
  • Expansive color palette
What we don’t like:
  • On the pricey side for something so simple
  • It’s nearly a pound, and there are much lighter options if that’s what matters to you
  • Light on features

With their water-resistance, breathability, and general comfort you can find a use for a good softshell jacket in most any sport or season. They’re known for their adaptability and baseline utility, with wide applications ranging from the dog park to overnight expeditions.

Jack Wolfskin’s Go Hike Softshell, keeping with their more urbane approach to outdoor apparel, is a sleek and serviceable while retaining the resilience necessary in outdoor technical wear. While it feels more metropolitan than rugged, the Go Hike Softshell nevertheless has merit as a crossover jacket you can take almost anywhere.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Full polyester construction
  • Stormlock Softshell fabric for water and wind resistance
  • Stretchy and breathable
  • Fixed hood
  • 2 Pockets
What we like:
  • Moderately priced and serviceable softshell
  • Elastic fit is comfortable and looks great too
  • Slimmer and more packable than the majority of the competition
  • Available in specific men’s and women’s cut
  • Water resistant near the top of the zipper
What we don’t like:
  • Not warm enough for more technical uses
  • Two pockets is seldom enough for most serious hikers
  • Not everyone is going to like how tight the cut is

Top 6 Waterproof Jackets for Women

A staple budget option in a woman’s wardrobe, Columbia Arcadia II Jacket is a perfect everyday piece shielding you from that funky rain. Its boxy look gives it an urban feel ideal for commuting between work and leisure activities while also keeping you dry. This easily packable and carriable piece combines a comfortable mesh lining and a full seam sealing – two integral elements for an easy throw-on type of a jacket. If looking for a simple rain jacket on-the-go – give it a chance.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Omni-Tech Coating made from 100% Nylon
  • Mesh lining made from 100% Polyester
  • Adjustable hood, drawcord hem, and Velcro sleeves
  • Two zippered hand pockets for stacking some goods for the day
  • Weight: 0.67 pounds
What we like:
  • Smooth front zipper protects from water leakage
  • Perfect for layering with up to 2 pieces
  • Easily packable in its own hand pocket
  • Long and adjustable Velcro sleeves do not let water get inside the jacket
What we don’t like:
  • Not as breathable as desired
  • Parts of the jacket with no mesh lining like sleeves might get sticky to the touch
  • Might have to size down due to its boxy feet

The affordability of this waterproof jacket is simply appealing – you get a lot for the price. Yes, its breathability characteristic might not be the best but the jacket does the trick – it keeps you dry. A few key elements like adjustable sleeves, hood, and hem make up a perfect package for that rainy day running errands. Rest assured that even in the event of light backpacking the jacket will perform well.

The leading jacket on the budget-friendly market is the lightweight and ecological Marmot PreCip Jacket. No wonder – the price tag is below $100, water-resistance is on point, and basic features are included. All of this calls for high ratings from those living a healthy lifestyle while biking, hiking and backpacking. You’ll love it too – there’s no way you wouldn’t.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • 100% Recycled Nylon
  • NanoPro technology offers high-quality breathability and water-resistance
  • DWR finish coating keeps the moisture away
  • Angel-Wing Movement allows free movement with no restrictions
  • Adjustable cuffs and a drawcord hem make it snug and secure
  • Weight: 0.64 pounds
What we like:
  • Velcro closures and flaps protect from getting drenched
  • The hood can be adjusted and tucked under the collar when not needed
  • Extremely lightweight and packable in a small bag
  • Great for layering with puffy pieces
What we don’t like:
  • The mesh hand pockets and the center flap over the zipper are not as durable as desired
  • In harsh weather conditions, the jacket’s lining might get damp

Being constantly updated, this waterproof jacket keeps getting better and, as a result, more popular among backpackers as much as everyday wearers. It offers every single feature you would ever need in a jacket of this kind in addition to supporting the green movement. A jacket that protects you from heavy rainfalls while also contributing to their existence with leaving no waste? Sounds like a win-win scenario.

The most lightweight jacket out there deserves a spot on our list of the best waterproof jackets available on today’s market.

This minimalistic gem is not new and has managed to earn a good reputation for being an essential piece in every climber/hiker/biker’s wardrobe. Although it does not involve any ground-breaking features, its basic set of water-resistant characteristics is more than enough for an enjoyable adventure. Besides, there is absolutely no reason to leave it behind considering how trave-friendly it is.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Pertex Shield + 2.5 Layer, 100% Nylon 30d ripstop material with DWR coating
  • Water-resistant YKK AquaGuard zippers
  • Funnel hood and adjustable drawstring for extra comfort
  • One Napoleon-style chest pocket
  • Packable in a tiny bag
  • Weight: 0.35 pounds
What we like:
  • The most lightweight jacket on the market
  • Ideal on-the-go option that fits in the smallest spaces
  • Protects from rainfalls and winds due to its built-in Pertex technology
What we don’t like:
  • 2.5 Layers construction make the jacket not as breathable as desired
  • Might feel damp if worn for long periods of time
  • Lack of storage – one single chest pocket

In case you are on a hunt for that easy-to-grab waterproof jacket that is also paper-thin – this Helium II Jacket is your best choice. Best suited for light activities like short hikes and bike rides, it can easily be attached to your gear and forgotten about. Surely, this jacket does not excel in terms of longevity, superb ventilation, and extreme breathability, but those valuing light feel will appreciate it.

What differentiates this Patagonia Stretch Rainshadow Jacket from other waterproof jackets is its unique feature – stretchiness. This add-on contributes to the overall level of comfort, a crucial factor for everyday wearers and hikers alike. Don’t be alarmed by its price – the amplitude of details like watertight pit zips, dual-adjust drawcord hem, and a chest pocket with a carabiner clip-in loop will bring substantial value to you. And it’s recyclable, hooray!

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Pertex Shield + 2.5 Layer, 100% Nylon 30d ripstop material with DWR coating
  • 2.5 Layer Nylon H2No Performance Standard, eco-friendly material
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Coating
  • Watertight zippers, including pit zips
  • 2 Side pockets and a chest pocket
  • Adjustable drawcord hem, hood, and cuffs
  • Weight: 0.59 pounds
What we like:
  • The shell of the jacket is 100% recyclable and is made from discarded fishing nets
  • The hood is compatible with helmets of all profiles
  • Extremely lightweight and packable in a small bag with a carabiner loop
  • Great for layering with thin and thick pieces of clothing
What we don’t like:
  • The 2.5 Layer design is not as breathable as 3.0 Layer hardshell jackets
  • Side pockets are not very roomy

With an outstanding skin-like material that stretches to the wearer’s body shape, this Patagonia jacket is truly one of a kind. The company made sure to include every imaginable and non-imaginable feature, thus making it near-perfect. Wear it on a rainy day on a commute to work or on a trail around Lake Tahoe – there’s no occasion this jacket wouldn’t come in handy.

Are you willing to invest in a piece that would feel luxurious in every aspect? Then this REI Co-op Drypoint GTX Jacket is for you. It incorporates the latest waterproof technologies and ventilation, while also making you look like a million bucks. The abundance of features like core zips, mesh-lined pockets, and fully taped seams serve as a visual representation of that perfect waterproof jacket hikers often envision in their heads. The only negative comment we can make is its price. But hey, it will last you a lifetime, so it is definitely a worthy investment.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Pertex Shield + 2.5 Layer, 100% Nylon 30d ripstop material with DWR coating
  • GORE-TEX Active 3-layer material & 20-Denier ripstop Nylon
  • 2-Point adjustable hood with visor for that unrestricted view
  • Partly sustainable – consists of some bluesign® criteria substances
  • Mesh-lined pockets for extra ventilation
  • High-low style for extra coverage
  • Weight: 0.54 pounds
What we like:
  • Flexible interior never gets damp
  • All the features are designed to work together against harsh weather conditions
  • Latest technology breathability will never make you sweat
  • Low weight contributes to the jacket’s high level of comfort
What we don’t like:
  • Pit zips are missing, thus lowering the desired level of ventilation
  • The hood is not compatible with a high-profile helmet

With making your choice in favor of this premium-feel jacket, you most likely won’t be let down. Designed according to the latest trends, it does not cease to amaze bikers and hikers across the world. This hybrid is not only versatile but it also will last you a long time with proper care. If you consider yourself an avid backpacker/hiker or simply someone enjoying wearing a high-end waterproof jacket on a daily basis, this piece will prove its worth to you over time.

One of the priciest options, Arc’teryx Zeta SL Rain Jacket is an entire package: it is lightweight, packable, has a 40-denier shell against stormy weather, and is soft to the touch. Do not let its sleek design fool you – it is as tough as the thicker and bulkier jackets out there. Its many upscale attributes make it practical for both adventure-seekers and everyday wearers. Basically, if the budget allows and the purchase is justified, you could get plenty of use out of it.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • GORE-TEX material with PACLITE Plus & 40-Denier ripstop Nylon
  • WaterTight front zipper for that water-resistance
  • StormHood with halo adjuster
  • Two side pockets with RS zippers
  • Adjustable Velcro cuffs and a drawcord hem
  • Weight: 0.6 pounds
What we like:
  • Downpours and heavy winds are not an issue for this jacket due to its water-resistance feature and protection against winds
  • Lightweight and packable in a small bag
  • Durable with its 40-Denier shell
  • Its ventilation-friendly construction makes it easy to work out in
What we don’t like:
  • The hood might seem a little too big and shapeless
  • On the expensive side with not the latest quality of GORE-TEX membrane
  • Lack of core vents and pit zips

Having its own pros and cons, this waterproof jacket has its fair share of fans. Whether you decide to go on a hike or walk your dog in the foggy morning, this user-friendly jacket will be your friend. Besides having a set of basic and not-so-basic features, you will certainly stand out in the crowd with its stylish design. The choice is ultimately yours.

Top 6 Waterproof Jackets for Kids

The cheapest yet functional option on the kids’ jackets market is presented by the Mountain Warehouse Pakka Kids Waterproof Rain Jacket. This unit combines all the essential characteristics a waterproof jacket ought to have – lightweight, breathable and packable. On top of that, it has lots of pockets – your child has plenty of space to fill with his favorite toys.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • 100% Polyester with IsoDry technology
  • Waterproof and able to withstand 1500 MM of rain/day
  • Taped Seams for protection against leakage
  • Packable hood
  • Washing Machine friendly
What we like:
  • The fabric is extremely lightweight making it easy to walk in
  • The hood can be rolled up and packed away into the collar pocket
  • Can be easily packed in a drawstring bag
  • Cinched sleeves and taped seams ensure a high level of water-resistance
What we don’t like:
  • No lining – might stick to the skin when wet
  • Might have to run small – size up
  • The material surrounding the zipper might get caught when zipping up the jacket

The brand has been developing outdoor gear since 1997 and has managed to earn a good reputation. This waterproof jacket for kids is evidence. Made from thin but tough material to keep your child dry during those rainy days, it cannot perform any better at the given price.

A classic in its kind, the name of Regatta Kids Pack-It Waterproof Jacket speaks for itself. It is indeed waterproof, lightweight, and perfect on-the-go. Shove it into your child’s backpack or store it on your car’s backseat for that quick grab. Either way, your child will be putting this functional piece of outerwear on before you even think about it.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Isolite 5000 Polyamide fabric
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Coating
  • Front zipper with a flap
  • Tapes seams and cinched cuffs
  • Two side pockets with hook and loop fastening
  • Packable in a small bag
What we like:
  • The fabric is 1long enough to provide the maximum coverage
  • The DWR Coating does a good job at offering the ultimate waterproofing
  • Reasonably priced for having every essential feature
What we don’t like:
  • Runs small – must size up
  • The hood is not adjustable for extra protection from rain

Not being the fanciest waterproof jacket on the market, this low-maintenance jacket is still a great seasonal piece that will not break your bank. When combined with rain boots, this duo will work well together to keep your child dry and happy. Isn’t that the ideal option for a busy mom?

A straight takedown from the Women’s waterproof jacket, this Columbia Girl’s Switchback Rain Jacket offers a versatile shielding against nasty weather at a good price. Just like the Mountain Warehouse one, it features a packable hood that comes in handy more often than not. Besides, this version has built-in back ventilation – what a pleasant surprise – you won’t hear your kid complaining about being hot!

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Hydroplus, 100 % Nylon & Polyester
  • Omni-Tech Coating for water-resistance and breathability
  • Two mesh pockets on the sides
  • Elastic cuffs for extra protection
  • Reflective logo
  • Washing Machine friendly
What we like:
  • A hidden back vent helps to disperse excess heat and moisture
  • Reflective elements ensure the child’s visibility in low light settings
  • Packable in a small bag
  • Attractive colorful design adds up to the child’s excitement to wear it
What we don’t like:
  • No lining – might stick to the skin when wet
  • Extremely thin – will not keep you warm without layers

It is easy to allow your kid to splash in the puddles with this vibrant waterproof jacket. Not only will it keep your girl dry, but it will also provide additional safety thanks to the reflective detail. This jacket is indeed a life-savior for young explorers for whom rain and wind are not an obstacle.

A fully lined kids’ rain jacket is definitely a step in the right direction, according to the Hatley Boys’ Splash Jacket. Your little one is guaranteed to look stylish and feel dry at the same time in this piece of waterproof outerwear. Regardless of what Mother Nature has in store on any particular day, your child will be protected throughout the entire day.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • 100% Polyurethane Lining:78% Cotton, 22% Polyester Towelling
  • Waterproof & PVC Free
  • Soft lining for extra warmth
  • Playful colors
  • Washing Machine friendly
What we like:
  • High-quality material makes the jacket durable
  • Perfect for layering with warm clothes
  • The lining keeps the body consistently warm
  • Can be paired with matching waterproof pants and boots
What we don’t like:
  • The hood is quite small – might need to size up
  • No extra features except for the basic ones

A fun and functional piece for your child’s wardrobe could not get any better than this. This waterproof jacket will surely become his best friend in a matter of seconds as soon as it is put on. The almost rubber-like fabric offers top-level protection against the stormiest weather – don’t forget to bring it with you when stepping out of the house.

Constructed to be worn in a variety of activities in the open air, Helly Hansen JR Seven J Rain Jacket is your child’s ultimate rain buddy. It is equipped with quick-dry lining, side pockets with zippers and a storm flap for an additional barrier. Not even the roughest weather will stand in the way of your kid’s anticipation to play outside!

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Helly Tech Protection – waterproof, windproof, and breathable
  • YKK zippers on the pockets and in the front
  • Brushed tricot inside collar and chin guard
  • Adjustable hood, cuffs, and hem
  • Reflective logo
What we like:
  • Fully waterproof thanks to the water-resistant fabric and zippers
  • The hood is detachable
  • Storm Flap covering the front zipper adds to the protection from heavy rain
  • Reflective elements add visibility in low light environment
What we don’t like:
  • The lining is not made from the softest material
  • The fit might seem quite tight

This clean and classic waterproof jacket is a great find for those looking for a minimalistic piece with plenty of functional details. Although the price can bite at first, the wear your child will get out of it will prove its worth over time. Equally suitable for urban life and hiking/camping, this jacket will come in handy at all times.

Scandinavian brands know it best when it comes to designing waterproof outerwear. This ultrafunctional Polarn O.Pyret Waterproof Shell Jacket made from warm windproof fabric is not an exception. A highly qualitative piece of clothing will quickly become your child’s go-to option when getting ready for school in the morning – that we can promise.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Shell: 100% Polyamide Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Fully waterproof and able to withstand over 10,000 MM of rain/day
  • Adjustable cuffs, hem, and hood
  • Mesh lining and a detachable fleece fabric
  • Two zippered pockets
  • Reflective details
What we like:
  • Soft fleece around the collar and on the jacket’s body provides additional warmth
  • Pre-bent sleeves offer exceptional freedom of movement
  • Inside poppers act as a glue to the fleece attachment
  • Reflective elements all over the jacket add visibility in low light environment
What we don’t like:
  • The price is quite high

This seemingly perfect rain jacket is a worthy investment for those living in wet and chilly climates. It includes every little feature your child will ever need from breathable and flexible fabric to zippered pockets and a fleece layer. You can even throw it in a washing machine from time to time thanks to its exceptional durability.

How to choose the right fit?

When choosing what waterproof jacket to purchase, the first question that comes to mind is ‘How do I know it fits right?’ To answer that question, you have to decide on the circumstances in which you’ll be wearing it. If they involve snowy mountains and stormy winds, pick the one with room for layers. Trust us, you don’t want to feel restricted or out of breath while climbing up the slope for the third time in a row. In case cycling is also a part of your snowy trip, make sure your jacket is compatible with helmets. You might even want to choose a men’s jacket over a woman’s for a boxier feel. On the other hand, when picking a waterproof jacket for leisure hiking, form-fitting models are the way to go. The neck, sleeves, and waist should sit comfortably so that the cold air or rain wouldn’t be able to reach your bare skin. Also, pay attention to the hood and its ability to fit your head well and be cinched if needed.

What main features should you look for?

The first place on the list of key features of a good waterproof jacket is occupied by breathability and waterproofing attributes. Notably, cheap jackets, also known as ‘Macs’, do not offer any level of breathability. They are usually made of rubber-like fabric that does not prevent you from sweating but rather amplifies it. If you know the outdoor activities you will be doing involve active movements, it is best to invest in either an ultra-breathable softshell or a hardshell jacket to avoid overheating. Do not forget to look for pit zips too, as they are responsible for the optimum ventilation.

With waterproofing being the obvious feature, it is crucial to remember names like ‘Gore-Tex’ and ‘Durable Water Repellent’. They are accountable for the best protection against leakage that is available on the market. Some brands might even provide labeling in regards to the millimeters of rain the jacket is able to withstand. Essentially, 10,000 mm+ is what you should be looking for when picking the jacket for outdoor activities in the mountains, whereas 1,500 – 5,000 mm is perfect for the majority of lower-profile adventures. Anything less than 1,500 mm will not keep you dry for long.

As for other functionalities, a good-quality waterproof jacket should include taped seams for preventing the water from dribbling through the stitching. Additionally, exterior and interior pockets are handy for storing your hands and valuables accordingly.

How could you prolong your jacket’s life?

You finally decided what waterproof jacket to purchase and are now wondering how to take proper care of it? We have got some advice for you. Besides making sure it is always clean and fresh after every use, it is smart to invest in professional cleaning supplies. They will help you keep the jacket water-resistant throughout the years. You can also put your Gore-Tex rain jacket in the tumble dryer on low settings for half an hour or so. This will revamp your jacket’s ability to repel water in the long-run.

With that being said, this trick will have to be accompanied by products specifically designed to prolong your jacket’s life. It is always smart to be mindful of your jacket’s instructions since high-quality waterproof jackets are usually not compatible with over-the-counter detergents.

If you already have a waterproof jacket or you just bought one, leave a comment in the comment section below and share your experience with it.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about waterproof jackets

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    How do I choose a waterproof jacket?

    Purchasing a waterproof jacket is an investment, which is why it’s important to choose the right one. Just like a waterproof watch, waterproof headphones, and a waterproof camera, a waterproof jacket has to have features that distinguish it from its non-waterproof counterparts.  

    Take a look at the main features we consider to be worth looking for when deciding on what waterproof jacket to buy.

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    What's the best waterproof jacket?

    When planning a trip to the mountains or a two-day hike, it makes sense to invest in a reliable waterproof jacket. This applies to every member of your family, including the little ones.  

    To find out what waterproof jacket actually lives up to its title, we created an in-depth guide for you to consult with before making an online purchase. 

    Out of every waterproof jacket reviewed, here are our top pics:  

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    What is the best waterproof jacket material?

    While there are dozens of materials used for manufacturing waterproof jackets, the one that tops every other fabric is GORE-TEX Pro (with at least 40 Denier). Designed to sustain mountaineers in the harsh weather conditions, rest assured that it will keep you dry too. 

    This material is composed of multiple layers of PTFE, which make the jacket breathable and durable at the same time. The majority of well-known brands like The North Face, Arc’teryx, Mammut, and Black Diamond incorporate this fabric in their jackets.

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    What is the best breathable waterproof jacket?

    Breathability is on top of the priority list when it comes to outerwear that is meant to be worn for several hours if not days at a time.  

    Waterproof jackets manufacturers don’t take this requirement lightly – they ensure their products provide customers with the highest level of breathability possible. Here are, in our humble opinion, the best ones out there:

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  1. Beth Goodrich

    How does the Fjallraven waterproof jacket compare?

  2. Torben Lonne

    Hi Beth,

    We didn’t test this one, so I’m afraid we can’t really say. Usually, the products from Fjallraven are good, so I’m sure you’ll be just fine if you’re hooked on that model.

  3. Visiaci Zamok

    How do you re-waterproof the jacket when it stops repelling water?

  4. Torben Lonne

    Hi Visiaci,

    Start by washing it, so you remove all dirt on it. Then dry it up, and apply a Spray-On DWR Treatment. Once you’ve done this let it dry up properly again, then check seems and for holes in the jacket. If you find any, repair with a standard repair kit.

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