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Dry suits keep kayakers warm and dry and allow them to withstand colder temperatures. These suits need to be well-made. They are loose-fitting and comfortable, and you can layer clothes underneath them in order to increase warmth.

Dry suits have either neoprene gaskets (sometimes called semi dry suits), which are more comfortable but can let some water in, or latex ones which are less comfortable but drier.

This list will help you find the perfect kayak dry suit that will keep you warm while fishing, doing whitewater and touring.

The following are the best kayak dry suits on the market and are sure to keep you well protected in colder weather. For your consideration, we have reviewed the top 10 kayak dry suits.

Top 11 Best Kayak Dry Suits 2021

  1. Level Six Emperor Dry Suit
  2. Gul Juniper Kayak Semi Dry Suit
  3. Typhoon Multisport 5 Kayak Dry Suit
  4. NRS Extreme Kayak Dry Suit
  5. Gill Dinghy Kayak Semi Dry Suit
  6. King Q Kayak Dry Suit
  7. Palm Atom Kayak Dry Suit
  8. Crewsaver Atacama Kayak Dry Suit
  9. Typhoon Multisport 4 Kayak Dry Suit
  10. Kokatat Hydrus Kayak Dry Suit
  11. Yak Horizon Kayak Kayak Dry Suit

If you have any questions about what are the best kayak dry suits- then jump to our comment section below and ask our experts.

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If you’re looking for a great dry suit for more active kayaking, like whitewater, the Emperor dry suit from Level Six is a good choice. It’s reinforced in the knees, butt, elbows and shoulders and the material is going to hold up against use quite well.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • Rear-entry zipper
  • eXhaust 3.0 3-layer fabric
  • 100% Waterproof heat taped seams
  • Fleece-lined hand warmers
  • Nylon/Cordura panels on knees, butt, elbows
What we like:
  • Mobility surprisingly fluid
  • Hook-and-loop cuff closure
  • Reinforced Cordura panels where it’s needed
  • Has a relief zip
  • Waist tunnel provides additional protection
What we don’t like:
  • A little overkill for a day out in easy conditions

Around the gaskets there are cuffs to protect the seals against wear & tear, including UV assault. There are zipper covers and a relief zipper for when nature calls. Level Six has added what they call a double stealth waist tunnel for good fit/protection maximization.

This is the most heavy-duty dry suit on this list and is intended for whitewater kayaking and surfing or for fishing in really crappy weather.

The Gul Juniper kayak dry suit is comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof. It is a semi dry suit and is popular with kayakers for its superior comfort and breathability. It also offers a great deal of mobility and is a good option for a leisurely trip in moderate conditions.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • GCX4 fully breathable material
  • Hard-wearing 3 layer fabric
  • 100% Waterproof heat taped seams
  • Zipped arm pocket with drainer
  • Internal adjustable braces
What we like:
  • The contoured body panels reduce snagging and bulk
  • Soft neoprene neck and wrist seals
  • Lots of pockets with velcro zip guards
  • Has a relief zip
  • Neck cuff protects gasket against UV
What we don’t like:
  • Sizes run small
  • Latex socks can make it difficult to squeeze into booties

The Gul Juniper kayak dry suit is made from GCX4 Evo 4 layer fabric that is breathable and waterproof, allowing moisture to escape while keeping you dry. The Juniper drysuit features a glide skin neck seal, a Hi-vis stow-away storm hood, and 4-way adjustable helmet compatibility.

This dry suit’s unique feature is its Zip Disk technology that allows the drysuit to separate to form two fully functional garments. The zip is completely waterproof offering a versatile waterproof suit with an easy to use relief system.

The Typhoon Multisport 5 is one of the best kayak dry suits on the market and is designed to offer a high level of warmth and mobility for winter paddling. This dry suit is perfect for kayaking in freezing cold temperatures and is favored by kayak enthusiasts for its flexible design that offers maximum mobility while kayaking.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • Easy on and off
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • YKK Aquaseal zips
  • Neoprene collar
  • Latex cuff and neck seal with neoprene cover
  • Adjustable internal braces
What we like:
  • Provides a high level of mobility
  • Neoprene waistband with front fastening hook and loop adjustment
  • PU reinforced seat and knee areas
  • Has a relief zip
What we don’t like:
  • Back zip design

The Typhoon Multisport 5 kayak dry suit is constructed using 4-ply breathable fabric that is exceptionally lightweight. This suit is popular with kayakers as well as anglers who wear it for hours at a time, valuing the breathability and flexibility that the suit provides. The Typhoon Multisport 5 also has an accessible and easy to use relief zip making it suitable for long kayaking sessions.

Additionally, the material used at knees and seat area is reinforced with cordura making it more durable. The dry suit has also been fitted with an adjustable external waist tube for an extra layer of thermal protection and comfort around the midriff.

The NRS Extreme kayak dry suit offers excellent thermal insulation in cold temperatures. It is waterproof and keeps you warm through its high-quality three layer TriTon fabric. The NRS Extreme is super resilient and has additional fabric in crucial areas, increasing durability.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • 3 layer TriTon fabric with tough 70 denier nylon
  • Heavy-duty TIZIP MasterSeal zips
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Reinforced seat and leg are
  • Adjustable polyurethane-coated spandex over cuffs at the neck, wrists and ankles
  • Easy and accessible front entry system
  • Latex neck and wrist gaskets
What we like:
  • It keeps you warm and dry without overheating
  • Durable and protects against knocks and scratches
  • Protect your feet from rocks and slipping
  • Reinforced areas provide better comfort when sitting in the kayak
  • Has a relief zip
What we don’t like:
  • Lack of pockets

The NRS Extreme kayak dry suit is breathable, yet heavier and more durable than some of the other dry suits on this list. This is thanks to the Triton fabric used in the NRS Extreme’s design. This dry suit has a flap covered relief zip, ensuring easy access to relieve yourself on long sessions.

This kayak dry suit is well known amongst kayakers as being a well rounded option that offers a good deal of protection against the elements, however, many kayakers would like to see a tunnel added that can be attached to a spray skirt.

The Gill Dinghy dry suit is a pretty good choice for kayaking in severe weather conditions and offers pretty complete protection against cold water. The Gill Dinghy kayak dry suit features in-built adjustable braces and a premarked collar and cuffs. Also, the fit adjusts to your body, helping to prevent water from entering the suit, but it’s not made for rolling.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • High-quality neoprene
  • Durable 4 layer fabric
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • YKK Aquaseal zips
  • Sliding leather collar and cuff seals
  • Inbuild adjustable braces
  • Low profile cargo pocket on thigh
What we like:
  • Customizable fit
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Durable fabric socks
What we don’t like:
  • Difficult to put on
  • Only one pocket
  • No relief zip

The Gill Dinghy kayak drysuit is made with high quality neoprene that is breathable and robust. It’s a great choice for sailing in severe weather conditions as the new 4-layer design offers exceptional protection against the water.

This kayak drysuit features built-in adjustable braces and pre marked glideskin collar and cuffs and the fit adjusts to your body helping to prevent water from entering the suit. The outer nylon layer is reinforced with a polyester PU coated overlay, complemented by reinforced knees and seat for increased durability. The Gill Dinghy kayak drysuit doesn’t provide the user with a relief zip meaning that the suit might not be suitable for long kayaking sessions.

The King Q dry suit is durable, robust, and comfortable. The fabric used in the construction of this dry suit allows for a breathable and waterproof suit that will defend the wearer against cold temperatures. The knees and sitting region are reinforced with extra layers of fabric making the suit more comfortable and supportive when kayaking.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • High quality 3 layer fabric
  • Full taped seams technology
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Latex gasket neck seal and wrist seal prevent water from getting in
What we like:
  • Large waterproof chest pocket
  • Neoprene waistband
  • Has a relief zip
  • Very spacious and comfortable
  • Superior level of protection
What we don’t like:
  • Medium quality seals

The King Q is an affordable and easy to use kayak drysuit. It is extremely breathable and 100% waterproof. This drysuit features latex gasket neck seals, ensuring that water doesn’t enter the suit. The King Q dry suit is extremely comfortable and very spacious, providing kayakers with a good level of protection against the elements. The suit sports an easy to use relief system composed of a relief zip across the crotch.

With all the pockets it is probably a very nice suit for sailing or even snowmobiling.

Palm Atom is the second version of the Atom suit that has been upgraded with YKK AquaSeal entry and relief zips. This version of the Atom suit is a simpler‚ tougher whitewater suit through optimization of the number of seams and positioning them to minimize wear.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Ultra-stretch neoprene
  • Tough XP 4 layer fabric
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Heat taped seams
  • Zipped arm pocket with drainer
  • Velcro adjustable neoprene waistband
  • Latex neck gasket
What we like:
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Tough double taped socks
  • Easy to adjust straps
  • Very stylish
  • Has a relief zip
What we don’t like:
  • Sizes run small
  • Shoulders are tight

The Palm Atom kayak drysuit features a simple and innovative design. It is lightweight, breathable and completely waterproof. The knees, elbows and shoulder areas are all reinforced with cordura making the suit extremely durable and robust. The suit also provides an easy to access relief zip.

Nevertheless, some kayakers feel that the added shoulder protection affects the suit’s ability to provide a comfortable movement as it can restrict the shoulder’s full range of motion.

The Crewsaver Atacama dry suit offers an exceptional level of heat retention when kayaking. The suit is breathable, waterproof, and extremely easy to put on, making it accessible to most kayakers. The Crewsaver Atacama also provides a great deal of comfort when kayaking, especially around the neck because of the neoprene gasket.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • 3 layer breathable fabric all over
  • YKK Aquaseal flexible zip construction
  • Articulated arms and legs for increased freedom of movement
  • Reinforced seat and knees
  • Leg pocket with D-ring attachment
  • Neoprene wrist and neck seals
What we like:
  • Breathable and sleek design
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Lots of mobility
What we don’t like:
  • Sizes run too big
  • Lack of customization and color
  • No relief zip, makes it difficult to relieve yourself

The Crewsaver Atacama is a versatile and resilient kayak dry suit, that is constructed with high quality fabric that is extremely breathable. It is reinforced with extra fabric at the seat and knees area of the suit.

Many kayakers are satisfied with this product due to its tight cuff seals, however, the neck seal tends to let in some water, making this a semi dry suit that will be more comfortable over longer paddles. That said, this kayak dry suit lacks a relief zip making less suitable for long kayak journeys.

The Crewsaver Atacama is a good choice for beginners who want an affordable and decent kayak semi drysuit.

Much like the Typhoon Multisport 5 dry suit, the Typhoon Multisport 4 is a high quality dry suit that provides a high level of protection and comfort. It doesn’t provide as much warmth, but it’s a little more comfortable than it’s big brother.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • 4 layer fabric construction for waterproof durability
  • Hypercurve shape back zip
  • Zip cover and reflector strips
  • External waist tube with adjustment
  • Latex seals on neck and wrists
  • Pre-bent arms and legs
  • Cordura reinforced knees, seat and elbows
What we like:
  • Lightweight
  • Provides good temperature control
  • Has a relief zip
  • Impressive fit and support
What we don’t like:
  • The sizes run small
  • Can be tight around the arms and legs

The Typhoon Multisport 4 kayak drysuit, is similar to the Multisport 5, however it has one less layer of thermal protection, increasing the suit’s mobility and breathability. The Multisport 4 is suitable for warmer climates that still require heat retention. This kayak drysuit features convenient zips and tight latex seals preventing water from entering. It also has an easy to use relief zip. The Typhoon Multisport 4 is a popular and affordable alternative to the Multisport 5.

The Kokatat Hydrus dry suit is the perfect choice for beginner and casual kayakers. It is guaranteed to keep you dry, warm and comfortable for the duration of your kayak trip. This suit is a good option if going whitewater kayaking or rafting.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • 3 layer Hydrus fabric
  • Latex neck gasket
  • Nylon waterproof front entry zipper
  • Adjustable bungee drawcord at waist
  • Latex wrist and ankle gaskets with adjustable "hook & loop" cuffs
  • Reinforced seat and knee patches
What we like:
  • Comfortable design
  • Superior durability
  • Quick tightening and fitting
What we don’t like:
  • The mesh does not really stretch
  • Doesn’t have fabric or latex socks
  • Lack of relief zip

The Kokatat Hydrus is an well-known entry level kayak dry suit that is easy to use and accessible to a kayaker of any level. The Hydrus 3.0 material used in the construction of this suit is a waterproof, breathable three-layer fabric designed to keep paddlers completely dry in extreme conditions.

This dry suit provides a suitable level of protection against cold temperatures while maintaining a high level of mobility and support for the kayakers movements. Nevertheless, the Hydrus doesn’t have a relief zip making it difficult to relieve yourself while on the water.

The Yak Horizon is a supportive and ergonomically comfortable kayak dry suit that is perfect for kayaking.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • 3-layer breathable material
  • YKK Aquaseal plastic cross shoulder & relief
  • Dry zips with protective cover
  • Cordura reinforced double layer seat & knee areas
  • Lower back stretch panel for additional flexibility
  • Twin latex and neoprene neck seals
  • Latex wrist seals
What we like:
  • Provides great comfort and support for kayaking
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Has a relief zip
  • Offers flexibility and mobility
What we don’t like:
  • Not great for extremely cold weather
  • Thin layers of material
  • Seals need replacing often

The Yak Horizon kayak is an ideal dry suit providing flexibility and mobility. The suit offers optimal comfort and support for kayaking comfortably. This 3 layered breathable suit has latex wrist and neoprene neck seals preventing water from entering and combating against colder temperatures.

It is easy to put on and offers a larger range of movement than some of the other dry suits on this list. The Yak Horizon excels at keeping you protected from the elements without sacrificing your flexibility or maneuverability while kayaking.

What to look for when buying a Kayak Dry Suit

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the best kayak dry suit. Temperature, comfort, and mobility are all essential factors to consider, and depending on the conditions you face, your needs will be different.

The Emperor suit by Level Six is the only one for whitewater kayaking, for example. Whereas all the others have their own appropriate area of use.

The particulars of a dry suit vary in small ways and the price and performance reflect these elements. Consider these 5 elements:

    1. Dry suit or Semi dry suit: dry suit for colder extremes, semi for comfort
    2. Zipper position: front or back entry
    3. Booties: socks of latex, fabric or thicker shoes
    4. Relief zip: can you hold out long enough not to?
    5. Cuffs, zipper covers, waist strap (tunnel): these add extra protection and longevity

That said, when considering these elements, further factors to keep in mind when buying the best kayak dry suits for your needs also include:


Knowing the temperature of both the air and the water that you will be exposed to is important for choosing the right dry suit. Generally speaking, the colder the temperature, the more layers your dry suit should have. The more layers of fabric the dry suit has, the more insulation it can provide, ensuring that you keep warm.


There are many different types of materials used in kayak dry suits. Most companies have their own specific blend of materials that make up the layered fabrics in the suits. The majority of dry suits are made from laminated layers of nylon, and butyl rubber known as Trilaminate or Cordura proofed with an inner layer of polyurethane.


Kayak dry suits have different designs to suit different temperatures and types of kayaking. If you have a sit-on-top kayak, you’ll want to get a dry suit like the like the Gill Dinghy Kayak Dry Suit that offers lots of insulation and latex socks to keep your feet dry.

Alternatively, if you have a touring kayak you’ll be better off with the Typhoon Multisport 5 Kayak Dry Suit as it offers more mobility and comfort.


Usually, kayaking dry suits cost around the same price. For a good quality kayak dry suit you should be looking at spending anywhere from $600-$900. Think of this as an investment in comfort and warmth so that you can enjoy your kayaking experience without having to worry about getting cold.

Looking for water socks or water shoes? Check out these options.


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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Kayak Dry Suits

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What are the best kayak dry suits?

    The kayak dry suits that we consider to be in the top 10 are waterproof, well-insulated, and comfortable, and offer a high mobility level. They are also constructed from high-quality materials and have an innovative and well thought out design.

    Check out the list of our favorite kayak dry suits:

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What are kayak dry suits used for?

    Kayakers who practice their sport in cold climates, often affected by wind and rain need and wear dry suits. Kayak dry suits are designed to keep kayakers warm and dry in cold and harsh conditions. Dry suits should also be comfortable and offer mobility to kayakers.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What is the difference between a wet suit and a dry suit?

    The main difference between wet suits and dry suits lies in the mechanism each type of suit uses to keep you warm. With wet suits, water is trapped in the suit and is warmed by your body, effectively keeping you warm by stopping new, colder water from coming in contact with your skin. On the other hand, dry suits have seals that stop water from entering the suit, keeping you dry and warm by not letting the water come in contact with your skin.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What is a relief zip and why do I need it?

    A relief zip is a pocket on the front of your kayak dry suit that allows you easy access when nature calls. It’s not a necessity, but it does help make things easier if you get a sudden need to use the bathroom.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What dry suit should I use for a touring kayak?

    Touring kayaks keep you enclosed in a sit-in type cockpit. This means that you will be slightly warmer than in a sit on top kayak and might not need a very thick dry suit. Nevertheless, if you are kayaking in cold temperatures, you should still use a dry suit as it will keep you dry and warm, providing all the necessary protection from the elements.

Do you have a favorite kayak dry suit?

What do you love about it?

Let us know in the comments below what you think makes the perfect kayak dry suit.


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