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Rent scuba gear that is safe


The equipment required for scuba diving can cost a fortune.


Renting equipment from a dive store is a great way to save money.


Buy the essential items for yourself first, then rent scuba gear for the rest of the remaining equipment that you need.


One thing you do need to know though is how to check the safety of your rented scuba equipment.


Shop Around


Rented gear has great value compared to buying your own dive equipment.


Before you go, just make sure you know how to check if your rented scuba equipment is safe when you get there. Try and use a store that has a pool where you can use to test their gear.


Ask the staff the right questions and know what to look for. Test the equipment out for yourself in a pool if you can before you agree to rent it. It is better to test on dry land before getting into open water and finding a problem.


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What Questions should you Ask?


They will not mind you asking questions about their gear because they want you to feel safe. They will also be happy that you know how to make sure your rented dive equipment is safe.


  • Ask how often their dive equipment is serviced.
  • Ask if stored equipment is regularly tested.
  • Ask to see service records and test certification.


If they do get mad by the questions and don’t want to answer, choose a different dive center.

Ask questions before you rent scuba gear

Dive centers that refuse to answer your questions about scuba gear must be avoided – Credit: Dario Sabljak

Check the Dive Gear Yourself


Look over the equipment on your own too. If you need advice staff in the store may show you how to check your rented dive equipment is safe. Use your eyes and look for obvious features like:


  • Check the seams and seals on the wetsuit.
  • Check the suit is a good fit that gives you a good range of movement.
  • Make sure the weight belt and weights fit securely.
  • Check the seals on the air hose for corrosion or rusting.

Check wetsuit seams when you rent scuba gear

Seams, seal and a good fit are criterias for checking a rented wetsuit – Credit: Baloncici

Under Water Checks


Get into the pool if they have one and make sure the equipment does what you want it to. If you find a problem tell the staff and choose an alternative.


Pool test before you rent scuba gear

Getting into a pool for underwater checks – Credit: mikeledray

Why Make so Many Checks?


The checks are important as divers need to trust that their equipment will keep them safe. There is no enjoyment in a dive when all you can worry about is the condition and reliability of your gear.


  • Damaged or worn wetsuits can affect buoyancy and body temperature.
  • Damaged or worn weight belts or vests can break and cause dangerous ascents.
  • A corroded air hose could break loose in open water.
  • A faulty regulator could put your life at risk.


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Make a Deal


If you are happy with results of your checks and tests go ahead and rent your dive gear. You will be able to dive knowing you have safe equipment and be free from worry. You should now be proud you know how to check your rented scuba equipment is safe.


Do you have any good or bad experiences renting scuba gear? Tell us your story!