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Defog scuba mask guide
Girl defog scuba mask

– JonMilnes

Unless you do something about it, it’s bound to happen, your mask fogs up during a dive.


If you forgot what your scuba instructor taught you on this subject here is a small guide to avoid it, without you having to buy “mask defog liquid”.


New Scuba Mask


After buying a new scuba mask you want to wash it before using it.


If you haven’t bought one yet, here’s What To Look For When Buying A Mask.


All new masks have a layer, protecting the lens, which you want to remove before going diving.


If not removed, this layer will make it nearly impossible to see through the mask while scuba diving, because of fog.


To rinse off this protective layer you need to use regular toothpaste. Rinse it thoroughly using an old toothbrush and a toothpaste amount filling the head of the brush.


Brush each lens 2-3 times for at least a minute on each lens, only applying a small amount of pressure. Afterwards rinse with water and the mask should now be ready to use.

Defog scuba mask with toothpaste

An old toothbrush filled with toothpaste does the trick for new scuba masks – Credit: Public Domain

Using the Scuba Diving Mask


You still need to rinse the scuba mask before each dive to keep it from fogging up. This can be done with toothpaste you gently rub on the lens and rinse off in the water just before you put on the mask. Instead of bringing toothpaste on each dive you can also use spit.


For an easy clean: just before you go diving, spit in the mask, rub it around and rinse it with water. This you need to do right before you put on the mask as well, otherwise it won’t work.


If you remove your mask before you go down underwater, simply spit in the dive mask again and do as before.

Defog scuba mask by spit

A foggy scuba mask needs some spitting

Defog Scuba Mask by Other Means


If, for some reason, you don’t want to spit in your mask there are other alternatives.


Some say that spit, because of a large amount of bacteria, over time will make your mask moldy. This I found not to be true. I’ve had the same mask for about 10 years, and I mainly used spit for defogging my mask before every dive without ever having mold in my mask.


And since you spit in the scuba mask before you go diving, I don’t think there is much of a chance of large amounts of bacteria after the dive and cleaning of the equipment.


It is possible to buy an “anti- fog diving liquid” that you can use similar to the spit. This works in the same way as spit or toothpaste, though the spit gives you one less thing to bring on a dive trip.


Also soap or shampoo can be used for defogging a mask; use it in the same manner as spit. It is preferable to use baby soap/shampoo, in case you get some of it in your eyes, this will not hurt the same way as regular soap/shampoo.


This is often used by dive centers, if they have the amazing service of preparing your gear. This way the dive guide doesn’t have to spit in 20 masks every day.



Here’s our guide in Choosing A Dive Center.


Do you have an experience in removing fog from your scuba mask? Tell us your best or worst fog removing way, leave a comment!