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Become a dive pro in a short time
Become a dive pro and teach

– Yuri Arcurs

For those who want to become a certified divemaster but do not have a great deal of time to complete the task and training, there is still an option available to you.

If you are a newbie who wants to learn quickly but are not sure how to become a divemaster without experience, there is an option for you as well.

Becoming a divemaster does not have to be a missed dream or a title that you will never have.

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Instead, a program has been developed for individuals who do not have the time to spend in extended programs or a great deal of prior knowledge to bring to the table.

Known as the Zero to Hero program, this course of study makes achieving that divemaster status and become a dive pro more time-sensitive for those that do not have the experience of other divers.


The goal of the Zero to Hero program is to take individuals who do not have a lot of experience with the sport of scuba diving or do not have a great deal of time to spend and train them fully.

The course is labor intensive, but only for a short time, and individuals who successful complete the three-month program will be certified as a diving instructor.

From the time of completion, they will be able to teach others in various locations more about scuba diving and how to participate in the sport successfully.

Become a dive pro and teach anywhere

Being able to teach diving anywhere is one of the perks of being a dive pro – Credit: Yuri Arcurs

Some programs even offer an added goal of employment. That is, they will connect people with resources that can help them to find them a job as an instructor and work to get them placed in an appropriate position for their qualifications.

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In this case, the individual will become Zero to Hero to employed. If employment is your ultimate goal, these programs may afford you more opportunities and more momentum so those with career resources should be your program of choice.

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For others who wish to find a job on their own, this aspect is less important.


The program itself includes all of the regular requirements that any other certification program would have.

An individual must learn to scuba dive with the help of an instructor, and complete classroom work as well.

Again, it is more intensive in that this qualification preparation is packed into a shorter amount of time.

Become a dive pro with hands-on training

An individual can become a Dive Pro with the help of a hands-on instructor – Credit: Mammut Vision


There are several locations across the globe that offer courses in the Zero to Hero Program.

From the United States to Australia to Costa Rica and beyond, these programs offer individuals following this course the opportunity to pursue this program.

The key to anyone looking for a particular program is to ensure that those teaching have the proper credentials.

This is an essential part of participating in this program because divemaster status, in this program or any other, will not be recognized if there is not a certified instructor teaching the course.

Become a dive pro anywhere in the world

One can pursue the Zero to Hero program at various places worldwide – Credit: Zeamonkey Images

For this reason, make sure that before signing up or paying that the program is completely qualified to teach what you need to know.

This is also important in that you will be guided through the program with safety.

An uncertified instructor may not know how to handle new adventurers nor will they be able to provide you with the skills needed to complete the course successfully.