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diving with a tank wreck
Diver silhuet in the desert

Brett Webb

It is one of the last places many people would ever think of diving.

You’ve might never considered it yourself.

But if it’s not on your list you are missing out on great diving.

Aqaba, Jordan is a little known destination for divers, but it boasts some of the best dive sights in the Red Sea.

Imagine dream-like scenes of coral or the adventurous Cedar Pride Wreck and creatures indigenous to the area. Your experience here will be one you will never forget.

Cedar Pride Wreck

Sunk in 1985 to make an artificial reef especially for divers, this is a wreck even Open Water divers can enjoy. Easily accessible from shore, this old container ship boasts a gorgeous variety of coral.

If you are lucky, you might even see a couple of Giant Napoleon Wrasse or a graceful Sea Turtle.

Scuba diving the Cedar Pride wreck in Jordan


Japanese Garden

Ironically, the Japanese Garden is located on the same beach as the Cedar Pride Wreck. Picturesque coral as far as visibility allows, this site is locally known for its’ beauty.

A nice, shallow dive, you will thoroughly enjoy your time in the water.

Little Dragon Fish are one of the cool animals you may see here.

Scuba divign Aqaba, Jordan

Brett Webb

Black Rock

One of the most popular dive sites purely because of its location at a private beach club, Black Rock is another great dive for beginners.

The coral here is shallow and beautiful. You can also reach great depths, easily up to 40 m, if you so please. Home to Ornate Ghost Pipefish; keep a sharp eye out for these masters of disguise!

Scuba divign Black Rock in Jordan

Brett Webb

Coral Garden

The first thing that will really capture your attention is the romantic setting of a delicate tea table and chairs. Surrounded by a floor of seagrass, other objects to explore are the bridge, walkway and hangman’s noose.

Emperor Angelfish frequent this area, playfully chasing each other around the coral covered objects.

The Seven Sisters

The ultimate dive experience, the Seven Sisters has got to be my personal favorite. A collection of huge coral formations, you can easily spend hours exploring the area. The American army tank is one of the main attractions to see here as well as the amount of diverse marine animals, including the Warty Frogfish.

Diving with frog fish in Jordan

Brett Webb

The Power Station Drop Off

Accessible only by boat, this is one dive that will surely take your breath away. A stunning drop off for Advanced Divers, you will feel as if you are flying over a cliff.

Be sure to keep an eye on your depth as it is easy to get lost in wonderment.

The desert sands may be the shining star of the Middle East, but the Red Sea is surely the glistening jewel; waiting to be discovered.

Have you ever dived in Jordan? Do you have dive sites to add on this list?