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A passionate adventure into diving was started in 2009 by two brothers with a huge passion for scuba diving and ocean protection.

Today we are one of the highest rated travel websites in the scuba industry!

More than 18 experts and Instructors contribute to our guides!
And more than 550’000 people visit our site every month.

Join us here at and help us make diving even bigger.

What powers

People and passion makes a great website about diving.
At we always tries to get expert and highly skilled divers to contribute to our free magazine.
And we spend a lot of time collecting information and experience about the best countries to dive in

Our big passion is liveaboards and we’re constantly expanding our section with great liveaboard destinations and some of the best boats.

Thailand Liveaboard

Thailand has so much great diving to offer, and especially when diving at the Similan Islands a liveaboard is the perfect choice.

Best Maldives Liveaboards

The paradise islands: The Maldives, is offering you world class diving that only gets better with a liveaboard!

The best liveaboards

We’ll guide you to the best liveaboards you can choose, where you get a great dive trip and amazing experience.

In 2009, while diving in Bali, the two brothers Torben and Nicolai Lonne launched

With an ambition to become the best online Scuba resource, they quickly started to recruit experts and experienced scuba instructors.

This has turned into a huge collection of shared knowledge and guides.

Best countries

Where is the best place to dive? Should I go to this or that dive spot? When is the best time to dive at this place?

We get these questions from friends and family all the time – so we decided that could be the perfect resource for answering these questions.

With huge extended guides we try to answer all that is relavant.


Diving on Liveaboards are a huge passion for many divers. Us included!

We’ve reviewed some of the worlds best liveaboards, best places and when to go there.

Take a deep dive into our guides for liveaboard diving and find inspiration for your next vacation.

If you never tried diving from a liveaboard this is the best kind of diving you can experience
(if you ask us)

Gear reviews

A huge passion for the right kind of diving equipment; has spun into a ton of gear reviews here on

We believe that bringing the right gear on your dive trip can advance your experience tenfold.
And vice versa the wrong gear can make you trip either really bad or directly life threatening.

Go check it out

Meet The Co-Founders:

Torben Lonne

Torben Lonne, Editor-in-chief, PADI-Certified MSDT Instructor:

Torben began diving at the age of 15 – as soon as he could legally do so in Denmark – and has never looked back. His ability to bring like-minded divers together goes back to the first dive club he started, which dove in Denmark as well as elsewhere in Europe.

Upon finishing school, he set out for Indonesia to begin his diving career. He completed his Divemaster and instructor course in Bali and decided to stay a few years longer in this tropical diving paradise. In 2008, his work as an instructor brought about the idea for

Both dive students and certified divers were coming to him looking for recommendations regarding where to dive next, and he lamented the lack of a repository for information regarding dive operators. He hadn’t been everywhere, so it was difficult for him to make a 100% recommendation of any particular operation. With help from his brother Nicolai, the idea for came to fruition.
Catch him at, Twitter or Facebook.

Nicolai Loenne

Nicolai Lønne, Director of Marketing and Business Development, PADI-Certified Rescue diver:

Nicolai was travelling with his brother in 2008 when Torben began formulating the idea for Realizing that his experience as a digital communications consultant for corporations such as Saxo Bank and Aller could be of immense benefit to the project, he put his efforts into bringing the idea of from the drawing board to reality.

Nicolai’s  experience as a more casual but still passionate diver complements Torben’s more extensive qualifications as a dive instructor. Together, they form the backbone of and have combined their unique skill sets to make the popular, accessible website it is today.
Catch him at, Twitter or Facebook.